food post December // happy NEW YEAR again :D

So sorry AGAIN for having this late food post… actually I totally forgot that I didn’t post it yet… damn it
OK, so I wanted to make a huuuge post… guess it’s not a hug as my other food posts so far :P Anyway- here you are <3

preparing the meal…

… with my two veeery dear school friends!!!! Lots n lots of love to Salima and Judiiiiiiith <3

Fresh from the oven <3

Bon appetit <3 noodles greek style – topped with feta OMG <3

mocca chocolate beans

chinese dessert <3 pearl sago with red rice topped with whipped cream (instead of coconut milk :P)

Some sweet I brought from the trip to Copenhagen :

Daim cookies (maybe just the same as the Milka daim cookies they have in supermarkets here??)

Toffypops <3

Snöre :D I lovelovelooooove these!

Tried these because they looked too yummy – MELLER

At the LEMONGRASS sushi bar again!!

TOM GHA GAI (I love it and it seems to be pretty popularwith people here in Aachen)

Sushi – sushi everywhere
. . . and finally roasted duck yummy ! It’s been a long time since I last ate duck like this :)
So that’s it! Hope you like my foodographies as always :D! Yeah… I guess these two next months will be of less foodographies :x… maybe I’ll combine the two months into one food post… let’s see how much I will get to eat!

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