Trip to Copenhagen, DK // Candyland !

Hey there!! 
Here’s a short but photo-filled post about my short trip to Copenhagen to visit some many relatives 
Please enjoy <3
On the way from good old Germany . . .
to cold and windy Denmark <3
 Here’s the gist… I discovered Candyland! Just look at all these lovely sweets!!
 Whaaaaah  All these sweets 
 And this enormous BubbleGum Machine 
Damn how I love food and how I love candy!! 
I just can’t get enough of sweets… food… at times I really don’t understand how people can actually HATE eating :/
This photo was made at FIELDS – a huge shopping mall in Copenhagen <3 Lovely design, don’t you think? :D
My sweet and lovely cousin Vivian and me <3
 We separated from the mums and dads and our grandma and grandpa so we could have a little christmas celebration of our own :3
Time for . . . Beer-pong !
 Selfmade food <3 Just look at how much there was  <3
 After that we went partying together… 13 people with three taxis to Copenhagens PENTHOUSE asianparty WTF! But sure was a lot of fun! And a whole new experience~
Ok at last – some more selcas of me and Vivi <3
 She has the same chubby cheeks as me :D!!

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