New Year : wishes / wishing // a thank you

Wishing all of you a very happy NEW YEAR with your love ones <3 
I’ve spent the end of this year with my parents, my 2nd sister, my brother and a neighbour whom we all call our “aunt” as she has always looked after us since I was born!
Hope you also spent some time with your loving ones and had a spectacular start into the new year 2013 ! ! !






My ambitions for 2013 :

loose weight and hold my weight !

keep up with studies !

balance study with family and boyfriend more !

move together with Ling-ling !

be stronger and happier and fight for what I want !
So what are your ambitions for the coming year? Whatever they may be, work hard for them and don’t lose sight of them! Step by step work towards your goals!

OK – I’m done for this years final post. Just one more thing :


Lots n lots of love to all of you <3



9 thoughts on “New Year : wishes / wishing // a thank you

    • Whoaaa… writing a book seems like really hard work… so keep up!! I’m probably the worst writer in the world so I really admire ppl who can :) Good luck with it!!!

      (Moneeeey- I’m just hoping that I don’t need to lend money from my parents /D if I do have more money than needed… Probably going on vacation then!! <3)

  1. Happy New Year Jenny!
    Reading your blog sometimes leaves me sentimental… I read on your Twitter that you & me were in Essen city on the same day & didn’t see each other, that sucks!
    Let’s meet during the next holiday, it’s coming soon!
    How are you doing in Aachen? I’m fine. The RUB rules!


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