Second “Baukonstruktion” project // topic : “Aussicht” transl.: expectation; perspective

Hey lovelies
How was your christmas this year?
No more than a few days and we’ll enter a new year!
So here is the promised post about my last project. As always these are just photos of the model, which I made in two days… I should have taken more time for the model as I am overly unsatisfied with the result… Maybe you will see it yourself what could have been made better… way better!
These are (almost) all the models of the first and second project of my group :) See the massive and big building in the front row? That one with the hole? And a small entry at the bottom? That one is NOT mine but that of a very good friend! You can’t see it from this perspective but the idea was to be able to reach the top of the building from the bottom… means that there is a staircase which goes from bottom to top along the walls… like a spiral… DA FAQ HOW MUCH WORK THAT WAS.
Mine also stands out a bit :D Maybe not from this perspective as my two projects are hiding behind the massive building :D
So let me present you my second building :
So now after seeing the inside you may notice its lacking… I was way too tired and it was way too late and I had way too little time left… I know I could have made this better, that’s why I’m really really not satisfied with the model… PLUS – the fundament (grey ground) should be like a square and… damn so hard to describe it… I CAN’T describe it with my bad english! SRY!
Please use your imagination for what I wanted to write 
 So here are both projects :
My projects had something in common… The image of a staircase and of squares, symmetry and cubes. 
So what do you think of it ?
Hope you liked this post
But before I end this post one last thing I need you to know…
This is how a friend survived the last all-nighter… the night before handing our projects in… party size with 3001ml WTFH???!?!?!?

2 thoughts on “Second “Baukonstruktion” project // topic : “Aussicht” transl.: expectation; perspective

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