OK, you win – I LOVE YOU DB . . . not / christmas is coming !

Just a few more days until christmas… do you have your gifts ready? Well I don’t, but I guess I won’t have the time to go shopping until then ;_____; All I can do is buy things via internet… or buy them when I have time between two lectures… so saaad…
No xmas feeling at all over here !!! But thanks to the DB, at least I got an advent calendar! And see what else I got!
translation : Thank you . . . for your understanding.
what I thought : OK, so now you’re bribing us to start hating you less with this??? NO CHANCE !
. . . But I’ll take it anyway . . .
Next one (my boyfriend got this and sent me the photo) :
translation : Cold hands? That was yesterday!
what I thought and actually wrote to my boyfriend : You know what works against cold hands? Trains that are actually ON TIME.
Lovely DB is being overly lovely again :3
Sooooo . . . I wish you all A NICE AND LOVELY WINTER TIME with your dear ones <3 !
(overwhelmingly bad quality photo due to bad lightening :DD)

2 thoughts on “OK, you win – I LOVE YOU DB . . . not / christmas is coming !

  1. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ I always buy on the Internet. I did not enter any department store or shop in any store this December. I did not see any Christmas decor from the shopping malls or boutiques this month. I did not hear any holiday music. The experience is refreshing and unique. Shopping should be efficient like the Internet. The Internet is a like a dream for the ultimate efficiency of shopping. Everything you want buy can be requested in milliseconds.

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