food post november

Just as I have predicted, I really didn’t get to eat out too much.. or at least… I didn’t get to make nice photos of nice food as much… just canteen food… these weeks… or the same old instant stuff :/ I’ll work on that! Gotta live healthier, I know ._______.
Anyway – here is a short food post of last month! A little much belated, I’m sorry, but you know… I have moved to my own flat! YAAAY!! That took me some time! But now it’s like… I DON’T HAVE FUCKING INTERNET IN MY FLAT . . . only sometimes I have stable internet via my IPhone’s mobile network. SURE IS SLOW.
Right now I’m sitting at the university and I’m taking this opportunity to load some stream videos (animes, TV series, movie) and to finally post something onto my blog! I don’t want to post anything without lovely photos, that’s why I refrained from doing so :P
Well, now- enjoy the foodographies <3
 rice pudding with cherry sauce <3
 Guess what, a croissant! Yum~ fresh from the oven!
 Some chocolate mousse with vanilla pudding (?!) topping.
 Reaaally really delicious tiramisu <3
 That’s a whole lot of shrimps you see and they were all mine <3 OK one plate was my friends :D
 Yellow curry sauce is yellow. A bit too sweet for my taste and a little but too much of the sauce all in all but a real german SCHNITZEL topped with really sweet pineapple and this really sweet sauce… is just too sweet for my taste 
AT A RESTAURANT CALLED “Burgeria” here in Aachen next to the university :
 By far . . . and I swear on that . . . the most delicious burger I have ever, EVER eaten in my entire life. I need to go there again ;A;!! So damn yummy!! awwww… AND THE POTATO SPIRALE… awesomeness… but not as good as the lovely burger!! 
 One canteen meal I had… was ok… but I was hungry… so you could say… that it was no good :D
 Sweet rice crackers imported from HK <3
 “Mah Zhai” (cantonese) are so full of fat but so yummy … and only a few of them are actually yummy! It’s no good if they were stored for too long, because you actually notice the difference when eating them! And these here were freshly imported from HK . . . by my father :D
 One day we went to a friends restaurant called LEMONGRASS here in Aachen and got this served :
This is . . . guess what :D
chicken skin fried!
 Tuna and butterfish grilled <3
And of course – a nice choice sushi *________*
So that’s it! The december food post will come soon I guess :D
It’s XMAS and New Years food time!

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