First “Bauko” exercise / topic : overview / up to the top !

So this is my first bigger project/exercise I want to show you guys :
the topic was “OVERVIEW” and it’s the first part of a project. 
It was an interesting topic and even though we got some limitations, we were totally free in our ideas. Really. Actually we had to make a bulding with walls and openings/windows/doors… but I don’t have such a things… mine is not a building as such, my idea was something different… At first I thought it wasn’t ok to make something like that so I just crafted something random with windows… I really wasn’t satisfied with it, but I thought that this might be what they wanted :
No matter how you look at it… it’s too simple and thus I don’t like it at all… don’t nag about this model not being neat and clean- it’s just a pre-model 
So after I talked to my supervisor about this, he told me that I actually could do that staircase thing …
damn, how happy I was when I heard this
So here was a first sketch of how I wanted to construct it at the beginning of my planning…
 but everything came out quite differently… somehow more complicated but more lovable <3 See for yourself! Here are some photos of the process of constructing the model :
 This model, the end-model took me more than 6 hours… I’m not even too slow… I’m just very precise… still there are some spots where I was lacking… damn… but just imagine… I had a previous modell looking exactly the same… less neat and clean… took me 8 hours… ok… 7 hours maybe :/ I didn’t even take a break! Ok, food is something else, but really- I had no life during this time ok??!
But I guess it was a bit nice… putting so much effort into something like this and in the end it’s barely noticeable… but I know…
it makes me proud somehow
So heeeere’s the finished model!

Finally done with this project… half of the time I spent with constructing the modell… the other half I spent planning, sketching and drafting the bricks… after all the entire building was made of bricks! So I had to draw each and every single brick… what a lovely thing to do <3 

Not having anything better to do at all, I always loved the time I wasted on this :D But ok, it’s just for once and never again. 

That was indeed my motivation to keep up the neat and clean drafts!


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