OOTD :D / short and random post :D / to tell you I actually have free-time… sometimes… rarely…

OOTD with special effects… just to blur out the messy background :D way too messy to put onto the internet!
IPhone 4S from Apple :P
knitted skull pullover from some-random-store-here-in-Aachen
sleeveless white shirt from H&M
dark brown backpack from Burberry (from my mum :D)
brownish-darkgreen-khaki used-look leggings(wth XD) from Carzonia
No shoes but simple black socks from I-forgot
Simple, comfortable, chilly and warm outfit of the day :D
My everyday make up when I have 15 minutes more time in the mornings… with other words- when I’m not too clingy to the warm blanket :D
 first try – without filter – looking kinda grumpy… damn it 
second try – with filter – photo for my bf :) Send him this via whatsapp :D
And he didn’t receive it :DD because… he has NO MOBILE INTERNET ON HIS SMARTPHONE WTFH.
Saying “I will once my current contract is canceled :) Just three more months :)” That’s a whole lot. Imagine three months not having access to internet at all… ok that might be a bit exaggerated. Let’s take three days. Three hours? YEA.
Internet on mobile phones is really addicting… I’m def addicted… but without I would have to search all day for a building or whatsoever! You need to know, I’m pretty much a clueless person :D With the tiniest sense of direction :D
Here some random pics of my last days :D
No need to make this photo extra large in size :D I spare you :D A nice cut btw right into finger- put pretty much force into the cutter… than slipped… than this happened… two minutes later, I got a second cut a bit nearer to the nails.
Lucky one.
No need to say much to this… this was me trying to help a friend with his model and idea…
No way to get to the top to have that OVERVIEW? Get a ladder!

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