food post october (sushi again :D)

Hey there, lovelies <3
So here is the next food post… for month october… a little late AGAIN… but due to all those projects i just don’t find any time to even touch the computer  !!! All the necessary things I check and do via iPhone… that’s really sad somehow . . .
And for this month I didn’t use my Lumix at all… No space in my fully packed backpack :D And I don’t intend to hang it around my neck all the time or somehow stuff it into my backpack… So IPhonography had to work as well :D
Yummy apple pie <3 Which occasion? Well, enough to go to a restaurant with over 30 people (mostly relatives) and have all-you-can-eat sushi <3
I’ve been eating sooooo much sushi this month… just see for yourself in the following photos! Oh yea!
Matcha and black sesame ice cream … ultimate combination!!
Asparagus wrapped in bacon? Was . . . not yummy :D sry to disappoint you but this was reeeeally no good…
Now where do you think this photo was taken? Yea, Düsseldorf again <3 I need to stp by there sometime soon again! To go shopping and dine nicely there . . . when I have more time again . . . around christmas  . . .
In Düsseldorf in Takama! I love this restaurant, it’s really not pricey at all because you get sooo much for your money <3
This was curry rice with tempura :D YUMMY, what else?!
Was ok… had better pizzas :D But I guess if you’re hungry, anything tastes better… way better!
Food for university hours… I try to cook at home at bring it to university (they even have a microwave!)  so I tend to wake up a bit earlier than needed to use the extra 15 minutes of time and cook meals like this :) Fast and easy… and healthy! At least healthier than canteen food!
Blueberry bread… don’t ask me why… I also try to find out why…
And now . . .
EVEN MORE SUSHI, but much more yummier!!! At the newly opened all-you-can-eat restaurant in Aachen! And they are not expensive at all! After all- it’s sushi!

So much looooove omg 

So this is it for last month! This month I TRY (nyaaa…..) to post the food post a bit more on time :)

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