WON A GLOSSYBOX :D ! / winning streak – sometimes even I can be quite lucky

Actually I think that whenever I participate to win something… I don’t expect winning at all. I guess you know that :D
Chances of me winning is quite rare  . . .
But somehow I have become quite lucky these days! I swear… I’m really happy about this… because this way I got to win a galaxy legging from ROMWE.com <3 
I loveloveloooove this shopping website… they have sooooo many overly awesome clothes… I would love to spend all my money on their clothes, but I would be bankrupt in an instant.
They are quite expensive for my standards after all  . . .
I’ll show you the leggings in a next OOTD post! So lovely! But I need to wear thights beneath them now… way to cold these days here in Germany.
Guess what, I also won another thing… a Glossybox actually!
 I thought of getting the next one but well, students are broke and this is soooo true to me 
Anyway, here is the lovely content :
Handwritten message <3 The Glossybox -Team seem really nice :3 That’s also why you should like Glossybox for!
Now what is this? Ok, I would NEVER expect an original size of any LÁNCOME make up… but this is just as good for me! I love the color and the packaging, even though it’s just a test size
 This original size shower gel foam (wtf?) from RITUALS is really really something! Never heard of anything like that as a shower gel before… first I thought it was something… else :D
It smells really nice, too :)
LaVolta Shea Creme soft OK, never heard of this brand but also a nice item :) Works well enough for me!
BABOR Sensational Eyes Eye Fluid
Who knew about me having problems with my PANDA EYES?? Them being overly stressed and tired? This might be just the right solution for them! Or just another useless product… guess I can only know by trying! (It’s made here in Aachen!)
FUDGE membran gas (guess it’s like hairspray?)
Not really an item for me but it seems quite interesting… the packaging you know :D Guess I’ll try or give them to a friend :3
Well, that’s all but still I want to thank Glossybox for this lovely box! Such nice items… guess I will get the monthly box starting next month! I’ll have a bit more money to spent at that time :) Yeaaaaa <3

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