oneday trip to Bonn / crazy stuff shop / OOTD :D

Hey there!!
As I already wrote in the previous posts I have been soooo busy these weeks… but I won’t stop blogging just because I will have less time… I’ll work really hard for university but blogging is one of my hobbies and I wouldn’t want to miss it!
Soooo- I have been to Bonn. Nothing special? Well, it’s no extraordinary city but I have never been there before plus Momo wanted to show me and especially Aimi the city :) She’ll go study there but also has never been there before :P
So here are some photos I took (with the Samsung ST700) :
 Next to this there are two shops which sell a slice of pizza for 50 cent only!But the bigger shop is better than the smaller one… so you know

 With lovely Aimi <3
 Us three
And then we found a shop which name I have forgotten because of the overwhelming awesomeness of the items sold there! I took some photos of the things I liked the most :) I reeeally really like the shop <3 Especially because the shop owner told me that he really liked my leggings :3 Proud of my lovely leggings~ See the photos at the end of this post if you want to know which leggings I wore… it’s the long lost one bought via internet from the UK 
 . . . KNIFES ! ! !
 This one shall never be in my room… otherwise I would really think of food 24/7… no good!
 fork inside a spoon . . . how handy . . .
 Those lovely figures which work with light :D I like the small man more…
 Hot fashion item!
 THESE ARE SO DAMN LOVELY… gonna get one !!
Foodstop at the Pizza Hut in Bonn :)
Anybody seen her body? It’s gone missing for several years now!
 Well that’s it! We sure had fun on that day!  I really felt like a tourist being shown around by Momo :)
So this was my outfit of that day :
Jeans jacket from Bershkawhite sleeveless shirt from H&M

cross necklace from Mango

golden bracelet (left) from Accessorize

other bracelets from I-forgot-or-no-name

flower print double layer legging from the UK but no name (bought via ebay)

wedge platform shoes from no-name (bought via ebay)

bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

… and one lucky charm !
Hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll try to post something at least once every week! I guess that might sound not much for some of you but as you might know…
I have started studying now and it’s been too busy these days… I love the courses but it’s taking much of my free time… but I don’t regret it because I really reaaaaally love what we do there! The only thing I’d say is quite annoying are the veeery boring courses… I really have to fight with myself not to fall asleep at times!

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