food post September / moonfestival !

September was quite a busy month for me . . . birthday, university, last time for meeting friends in Essen before going to Aachen… that’s why I haven’t been able to take many photos … and my sister had the Lumix for most of September …
So here is the September food post, a little bit late and short of photos but still I hope you like it :) PLUS moonfestival food <3
 That is also food. You know… that fried stuff… said to taste like chips? But no thank you, I’ll pass this one.
 This pastry/bakery makes the yummiest, most delicious fresh “Loh Poh Beng” aka Wife Biscuits! Just look :
 OMG lovely 
Egg tarts aka “Dan tart”, not as yummy as portuegese egg tarts . . .  still very yummy!
And of course – because we had moon festival : 
Mooncakes . . . 
. . . and even more moon cakes . . .
 . . . one without egg yolks, one with two egg yolks <3
 made by my uncle and aunt who came to visit us!
Same with these! They told me how to make these – next time I’ll try out making these :) Very yummy and easy to make… or at least so it seems :D
They look like veggie steaks but they are made of wheat, eggs, olive oil and leek :)
 And that occasion I also tried to make Loh Mai Chi aka glutinous riceballs again ~
Main meal for that day : HOTPOT!!! OMG, best thing to make when eating with lots of people, chatting, eatng whatever you want, as much as you like, as long as you want and still having it fresh and hot !

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