Liebster Blog Award nomination ! / question time :) / It’s been way tooooooo busy these days !

Sooooo- it totally got me by surprise buuuuut… I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award <3 That’s really really lovely of summerlemonade !
Here’s the link to the nomination post along with some questions she answered :)


Thanks so much, dear!
It’s just a pity I can’t read all her posts as she posts some of them in . . . spanish? So I read the english parts only :D But lovely anyway!
But since google helped me a bit for the translation, I figured that I shall answer some questions as well. So here it is :
1. What is your favourite season ? + your favourite accessory that you always wear on summer, winter or whatever your fav season is. 
-> My favourite season is definitely spring because it’s neither too hot nor too cold and also tends to be sunnier than autumn :) I don’t like to wear just a few thin cloths as I always do in summer (because there’s no other way since it’s way too hot :P) and I also hate wearing too much as it gets quite tiring after a while… So spring is best for wearing clothes especially the clothes I love most <3  My favourite accessory is a cross necklace from Mango, which I can combine to sooo many outfits!
2. What are you doing for a good living?
-> I’m just a poor student now… currently I don’t work at all but concentrate on studying :)
3. What is your favourite fragrance in a parfume?
-> I love YSL Parisienne! Nothing else please <3
4. Biggest aspiration…?
-> Doing good or great in university and getting to know even more friends!
5. If you could change one thing in world what would be that?
-> The distance between the countries. Maybe this would solve many things?
6. A piece of advice for every Blogger?
-> Take photos of everything you like. You won’t need to post photos if you don’t want to but they can be great inspirations :)
7. What is\are your Musts in your beauty case?
-> BB Cream, eyeliner and rouge!
8. What is your child favourite animated character?
-> Pikachu FTW!
9. Where do you live(country & town)?
> Currently I live in a town, where there are lots n lots of students… most of them male XD
10. If you could change something at yourself(phisically or mentally), what would be that?
-> I would want to be taller… asian problem!
11. Favourite colour?
-> Wine/bordeux red!
Actually I don’t know what else to do if getting nominated since it’s my first
 Hope this way it’s fine :)
I’m very sorry again and again and here I go AGAIN saying sorry for being too busysince university just started this week I had lots to prepare and this entire week wasn’t any less busy…
But I got to know many reaaaaally really nice people! I’ll be posting about the first week in university soon! 
Maybe this weekend since I got time… well, I’m in my hometown again to get some more things (especially an umbrella!) and my whole new iPhone 4S! I guess I’ll use it quite much for photos- it’s much more handier than my Lumix though you can’t possibly compare the quality of course! But I won’t take the camera with me to class everyday! Guess that’s obvious somehow . . . ?
So until tmrw! Or the day after! I will update you soon !

One thought on “Liebster Blog Award nomination ! / question time :) / It’s been way tooooooo busy these days !

  1. THank you for writing a post after my nominalization <3 I'm from Romania, so that language that you don't understand is romanian, but there are some alike elements between it and spanish, so you were pretty close:P I'll try to write my posts in english too by now <3 Lots of love, A.Da <3

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