DAMN FIRSTWORLD PROBLEMS / my doll nails / not really

SEE THE BLOODY CHANGE IN QUALITY??? I can’t take it anymore… it’s just like, being used to good quality and then having to switch back to something not as good…
I’m really reaaaally looking forward to getting back the Lumix!
OKOK, I guess I just made things worse by taking photos with bad lightning… that’s just how my room is once it’s gettng darker outside because my lightbulb is environmental friendly!
NOT LED-lightbulb or whatsoever but simply not much WATT. You know, electricity . . .
I just felt like posting something random again, since I haven’t been in the mood to take decent photos with the Samsung.
Have I ever told you I love my hands? No, my nails! That’s because I love how they look so doll-like, so perfect once I use nail polish <3 I take back saying I love my hands, they do kind of look chubby after all! 
You know… sometimes I wonder how people make their hair and then again I really wonder
It kinda looks like a wig… even some friends told me that ;A; (though in a positive way)…
But to be honest, my hair just happens to look good sometimes. It just HAPPENED to look this way… I curled my hair two (!) days ago and this is the third day. So my hair just happens to look this good because of my nice pillow or what XD??!  Such a mystery… anyway I can’t control it so when I actually want it to look good it might not.
You could say that the worse quality also hides away my dark circles… they are completely gone! Maybe that’s also due to my veeeery healthy diet (rye bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, skim milk and yoghurt, vegetable soup, chicken breast, etc. ) and much more SLEEEEEEP, hell yea!!! <3
Diet before winter is coming keeps me from gaining extra weight!
Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this weekend! Tmrw… <3 The day after tmrw <3<3 And sunday!! 
Yes, it’s 中秋节! Moonfestival! (extra large and fat)
So what does that mean? FUCK ON THE DIET! It’s HOTPOT-TIME!! 
My uncle and aunt will come to visit and we’ll make some Loh Mai Chi together :D That will be a happy day :)
Poor me, who has to wake up early on the day after because it will be my first day at university <3
And I need to take the train all the way to Aachen then… panda eyes ftw!!

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