DIY custom woven chain bracelet / switching from the Lumix to my lovely Samsung ST700

 Hey, how is everyone doing :) ?
It’s been quite a while again, since I last posted something . . . I’m so sorry, but I’ve been, well, busy again… BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Now brace yourself, what happened to me is like the apocalypse to most people… especially for bloggers!
  I have been totally CUT OFF from the internet for a few days! 
OMG, it’s been so boring these days 
So I went to the IDEENMARKT and got some things to make a bracelet!
I made it according to the DIY tutorial from honestly…wtf :) I love this blog… soooo many great posts and so many nice DIY tutorials <3
Here some photos of the process :) If you want to learn how to do it, better follow the link above! 
Gold chain, I got 3 bracelet-lengths for 6€ :)
Plus the 3 locks and 3 metal rings to connect the lock with the chain for another 2€
 The wool was 5€ for both :) It’s just the right quality I wanted, so happy I found EVERYTHING needed in the hobby shop!
So here is the result of my oh-so-hard work :3 Ok… without my sister, the bracelets would look completely different XD… I just held the chains so that she did the braiding <3
 Don’t they look great??  All in all it’s just 13€ or about 4-5€ each :)
Both my sisters and me now have such a bracelet :) Poor brother didn’t receive one :P
In the following – some photos of me with wearing the bracelet . . . because I’m sooo in love with it 
Maybe you noticed the change in format and quality of the last 3 photos… they were taken with my Samsung ST700 digicam… for now it’s a goodbye to my Lumix GF3… because my sister has taken it along her to omfg Hong Kong! To take awesome food, fashion and other photos <3
She is currently thinking about making a blog of her own! And once I move to Aachen I could support her by being the photographer :) I’d be glad to *A* She is the kind of person who could wear anything but still look good :) Even with not much make up…
Apparently from my sisters I, the youngest, wear most! And it’s not because I wear oh-so-much but rather because my sisters don’t seem to wear any at all! They don’t have panda-eyes like poor me so all they need is mascara, eyeliner and maybe a bit rouge… Sad isn’t it 

3 thoughts on “DIY custom woven chain bracelet / switching from the Lumix to my lovely Samsung ST700

    • aber das ist echt verdammt leicht :D sieht vllt schwierig aus, ist es aber überhaupt nicht! iwann wenn du mal zeug zsm hast, einfach ausprobieren :D aber ich empfehle die Hilfe von jmd zum festhalten, sonst wirds nix XD

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