Damn, they look sooo cute ! / Ulzzang , Feizl and other living dolls

Now this post is neither about food nor about random stuff about me and my life nor photographies I have taken… 
it’s just a post about those internet celebrities known for . . . you will know once you keep on reading this post! Or just scroll down a bit and take a look at the pictures I collected via google (ftw!) and you will know
Everytime I see any picture of them, I can’t help but think
“Damn, they look sooo cute ! <3 Looking so lovely, flawless and, well, just like a doll!
I already told you once in a previous post, that I like this dolllike look *_____* Some people may think it’s too artificial, fake and too pale (my family mocks me, saying I look like an anime doll ._____. . . . never mind :D), but I love it!
Now let me tell you- there are actually cuties in this world, who look just like dolls! You know, like anime characters or dolls or whatever people call them. In korea those people are actually called ULZZANG (means beautiful/best face – perfect face :D?) And yes, they really do look perfect or at least flawless. Could as well be celebrities and YES THEY ARE ! Internet celebrities that is :)
I’d like to show you some of my favorite (female) ulzzangs and also some other people, who are known as living dolls (maybe you have seen them on the internet somewhere!)
This is Kim Shin Yeong
I lovelovelove her (hair)!
Omg next one is Park Hyo Jin (not from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls :P)
she looks like a child… so cute <3 I love her face!
Next is Song Ah Ri
Quite different in comparison to the top two girls, but also very lovely~ Her eyes and small but sharp face <3
I would like to try out this eye makeup once… makes the eyes so much bigger
One of my favs is Ulzzang Pony
She is especially known for her makeup tutorials, with her as the model of course always looking so perfect <3
She even published her work in books (with DVD)!
Next one is Yeon Ji Hee
her eye makeup reminds me of Ga In (from Brown Eyed Girls)… just for fun, I’ll also try this out once :D I never wear much eyeliner on the bottom~
The next one is actually not realy ulzzang… if this title only applies to korean :D
Huang Yi Lin is a feizl (chinese living doll :3)
I think she also looks pretty much like a japanese gal… a very pretty one :)
Especially in this last photo 
This girl (also a feizl) is known as Kingboo (aka Chen Yue)
There are only very few feizls I like… somehow I think ulzzangs look more natural (never mind the plastic surgeries :P)
Wang Jiayun (real chinese living doll, srsly)
 Very beautiful pictures… but how much photoshop :/?
Dakota Rose 
I also wanted to mention her, as I came across her face several times on the internet while searching for the photos above… especially when I searched for Wang Jiayun~
 Sometimes she kinda reminds me of Lili from Tekken… dunno why :D
Only sometimes… but she would be too slender for her :P

Soooo . . . that’s it :) BTW there are also lots and lots of hot & cute ulzzang boys, but I think most of them look too delicate… I mean… too feminine… I like their look, but it’s just not as much as a doll as female ulzzangs :D Dolls are female only? I tend to think so :D


Believe it or not – I didn’t even take any food photos either !

SRSLY . I mean, NO WAY 

But I hope my mood will change soon, very soon, so I can take photos again!


8 thoughts on “Damn, they look sooo cute ! / Ulzzang , Feizl and other living dolls

  1. whhaaaaaaat o.O she looks sooooo thin in all her photos but she is actually chubby? Or at least chubby face?? omg, that’s great photoshopping ._____.

    Yeah, Tsubasa looks really beautiful in her ads and so on but somehow I first started to like her less since I saw her music video. Her chin looks really weird there… so obviously plastic surgery :/ it’s way too sharp but does look good in photos… well :D

  2. Oh please, all of these girls either had a ton of plastic surgery and/or photoshop like crazy ( I’m looking at you, Dakota!!!) Without that there just average faced anime wannabees….

    • hm… of course I know, that most of them had plastic surgeries :DD… most korean stars anyway :P but some may actually look this way for real :D? I don’t know since I don’t know them in person :D…
      anyway- I like that dolly look of theirs :3 but noooo- I donÄt want PS at all XD

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