food post August / time to move out ! / RWTH , I’m coming :D

Somehow I know that I have taken many photos of food…
but it seems as if I have included most of them in other posts :D
So this food post might not be as filled with food photos as the one before…

I guess the food post next month will be even shorter… so you know,

I will be busy moving out of home and, guess what, move to Aachen!!Hell yeaaaa!! <3
My wish is coming true! Everything is just according to my plan, so perfect !!

I’m so so soooo happy now… just can’t describe it… and I feel soooo inspired~ Gotta make use of this and start sketching my next art project soon! Otherwise I will not have enough time for that :x

made some green tea mochi <3 they were . . . no good XD
my mochi machine – yaaaay <3 but it seems that Loh Mai Chi are much easier to do… next time I make them, how about I tell you how I do it :)? 

Loh Mai Chi are sooo yummy and easy to make! All you need is the right ingredients from an asia supermarket and lots of plastic wrap!
 strawberry cake from Doebbe 
at Starbucks – double choc muffin :DD
sorry for this blurry image .______. but it was sooo damn yummy! 
you know what this is ? Sooooo lovely 
fried udon noodles at a japanese snack bar in the Limbecker in Essen <3
and -omg- sushiiiii 
These are Milka donuts, damn o.O!!
One of my most favourite cuisines – vietnamese cuisine <3
. . . and these vietnamese rolls are soooo healthy 
So that’s it for the past month . . .
I wish you guys an overly lovely week! 
This year began with a disaster but things are coming down now… things are getting better and just like the late summer days it has brightened up – a little late but better than never!

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