Just another chilly day / food : Okinii Düsseldorf ! / Puricura machine

I noticed that I also haven’t blogged about the meeting with two dear friends of mine yet… and what also made me wonder was that I haven’t blogged about the Okinii and the Puricura machine both in Düsseldorf yet o.o Seems like I have lost track of those many photos I have taken, which ones I have posted, which ones I wanted to save up for a bigger post… well, guess that’s the side effect of taking much too much photos… 
Sitting in the train to Düsseldorf yeaaa :D There was a couple (?) next to us who were kind of… rude… or so… well, they were so obviously laughing at us, for taking photos of us or whatever about us. Peeking at us and then bursting out in laughter – if that ain’t obvious then what?
Too much light makes the dark shadows under my eyes go away ~ as well as the quality :DD But no, no photoshopping :) I never do, because I don’t use photoshop AT ALL and my camera takes photos that are just fine without :)

When we arrived we walked down the Immermannstreet just like always and, well, just like always we stopped by the OCS for this :

Let me introduce to you – the Puricura machine at the OCS in Düsseldorf <3
It takes lovely photos and afterwards we can even decorate them with uber cute stuff!

Sometimes it gets too much cuteness and glitter and magic
, but I don’t mind because that’s how puris should look like.

Henne and Jasmin decorating :)

Afterwards we went to the Okinii. I have already introduced this restaurant in an old post I think but well, let me tell you again what makes this restaurant so special:

The system is all-you-can-eat on order and just like any other all-you-can-eat you pay a certain amount to eat as much as you want and, well, can :D Surely this can become quite challenging, as you can order the sushi and other food like ramen, bbq stuff, soup, dessert ( via iPad WTF ) round after round (with an maximum amount)! I tend to eat much too much as always when it comes to these restaurants, but the stomachache after the dining is definitely worth it.

White sesame ice cream, first time ever tasting this *______*
Me and Jasmin after all the food – still looking good :DD
Well, that’s it. No more photos of that day even though afterwards we went to Starbucks to kill some time and wait for another friend to arrive to go to KTV aka karaoke at the Nikko hotel. Don’t know why but I have come to say KTV all the time, not karaoke. Well, that’s just how all the people in Hong Kong call it and all the light adverts say KTV! Google if you want to know why :D
It was really funny but the two hours passed way too quickly 

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