IDEENPARK sponsered by Thyssen Krupp in Essen / it’s all about the future

It’s really seldom that convention like these take place in Essen… the IDEENPARK. 
But well, I guess that’s because Thyssen Krupp, the main sponsor, is situated here in Essen. Some might know this company as it was ( and still is) quite a big name in world wide technology. Actually it’s a huge industrial group :D
Anyway – of course I went there just to take a look and I was quite surprised… it was really really cool <3 I felt a bit like a small child when experimenting with all the stuff they showed us 
Let me show you what I made there! <3
I like the colours <3
That is . . . just for fun :D Just beans and toothpicks~ The most difficult part was to maintain the bean in the middle… pierced by 12 toothpicks wtf 8DD That’s why I was the first to have made this kind of figure <3
My brothers creation… unstable antenna is unstable :D
Everyone knows about the optical illusions of a head, which keeps on staring at you, no matter from which angle you observe… so look at this pharaoh head!
Damn, the effect would have been greater, if I got the right angle with the camera… that’s totally because I don’t hold the cam from my eyes height ;_____; Sorry to disappoint you guys 
Well . . . that’s it :) And to have a nice ending for this post –
I discovered something really weird in front of our house . . .
Now really . . . a spider with such straight legs?? How does it move? It wasn’t dead, I tried to move it a bit, so I know :D
Looked very decorative XD

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