quick post / before heading out to the gamescom / my make up :D

Before I headed out to the gamescom on Saturday, I quickly took some selcas :
I wanted to show you guys my make up :DD
I put up more than usually:
Tried the Etude House Volume eye lashes and they look quite natural <3

eyeliner from Dolly Wink
(Longlasting like nothing I had before! But removing is also more difficult :/… Still I love it!)
fake eyelashes Volume from Etude House
(love them soooo much <3 )
black eyelash glue from Dolly Wink
(I wanted to try using these instead of the eyelash glue from the Etude House eyelash package :/ Next time I’ll use them, because they are said to be awesome. It’s not like the Dolly Wink glue isn’t :D! )

long&curl mascara from Heroine Make
(so easy to use, even I had no problem with it o.o! Maybe it’s just because they really are one of the best mascaras ever? )
make up base Moist from Pore Putty, Sana
(just tried using it, I think it really helped a bit making the rest of my make up more lasting)
blush Apricot Macaroon (Puff de Cheek) from Majolica Majorca 
(ever loving this blush )
Silver Label BB Cream from Dr. Jart
(Already told you in my previous make up post, it’s my favorite BB Cream! Stick with it ’till the end!! )
Everfresh concealer in light beige from Maybelline New York
(A really good concealer, hides my dark circles quite well, not perfectly but just fine :) 
oh and of course my cosmetic lenses :D
Honey Wing from GEO
(They don’t look as natural as when they are worn. Srsly, I thought they would look really fake :DD But no, I have come to love them <3 )
My hair is so dry these days ;____; Need to take care of it more :x
SRSLY – I like it more, when I wear nothing but concealer/BB cream and eyeliner… more natural, feels lighter and more comfortable… and I don’t feel so fake. You know. . . fake lashes 8DD
But I LOVE to doll-up sometimes :D!
Randomly taken photo, not on purpose but with the touch-to-focus of my cam which I forgot to shut off~ Just see how genius my cam is ;_____; <3

6 thoughts on “quick post / before heading out to the gamescom / my make up :D

    • I also have used the Hana Barbie Cirlce Brown one, Geo Bella Blue (not as much blue as I thought it would look like o.o) and some other Geos… really don’t know the names, but it’s mostly the most popular ones :D Just ordered to try out, but I found one of my favs in Geo Honey Wing :3

      Before that I also tried daily coloured lenses not from Korea or whatever but the ones I bought at here in Germany :) Need to admit, that i really don’t like them… really not comfortable and I have huge problems with getting them off my eye x.x

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