Saying goodbye / saying thank you / italian food lover

Seems like I totally, well, forgot to post about some nice days I spent with nice people at nice places… totally not as important as my make up haul post … or my food post :D I’m sorry, that’s not true – I love all those days I get to spent with friends. Even though nothing “huge” might have happened, every single one of those days is special to me and I will not get to experience it again. Cherishing happy moments that is :)
Well first of all you guys need to know (for those who didn’t know) that I have been taking vocal lessonsfor about 1 1/2 or 2 years now. Always at the same place, the Folkwang University of Arts, always with the same people, Felicitas and Ms Krüger – she is an awesome tutor and I know she will accomplish even greater things than teaching both Felicitas and me how to sing. Not as if we didn’t know how to sing in beforehand :P But she improved our singing skills greatly. Not sure how it is with Feli but I think I can sing much clearer now :)Sadly the time together has come to an end…

Here are some photos of the last time we sat together, at an italian restaurant called “Il Capriccio”or so. It looks really nostalgic, soooo lovely <3 
And the food, damn, sure was lovely as hell as well
Big dessert plate with Panna Cotta and . . .
Mousse au Chocolate and Tiramisu <3 !
Such a sweet and sad goodbye… but maybe we will get to see each other again in the future :)

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