100th FOLLOWER ! ! ! / OOTD / Thank you so much <3

I just noticed but damn- I’ve got over 100 followers already o.o!!Whoaaaa, thank you so so much for this support! It means so much to me to see that people, well, have interest in what I post to the world :D Even though it’s so much trash XDD
Thank you soooooo much <3 I really really appreciate it!
Hope you will keep on supporting me this way! I will post even more trashy things, yay :D!
Oh – and even more photographies <3 
Why else do I own a lovely Lumix??
To show off to all of you guys!

You know, everytime before I go out (meet someone, to the cinema or whatsoever :) and I still got some time before my bus comes, what do I do? Selcas ftw :D

Outfit of the day :) Loose jeans shirt ( dunno where from )
white no arms blouse (H&M)
Cross necklace (Mango)
Bracelett (Accessorize)
Dark Navy Blue skirt (H&M)
also dark navy blue wedge laced boots (flip*flop)
Lumix GF3 (Panasonic) -> My top favourite item !
Cross and bracelet don’t really match… don’t give a single fuck because I love both items <3
Ok, I won’t wear them as a pairing again… ;___;
Here I wanted to show off my bracelet :D I love it <3 I wish I could have a similar looking ring !  Would be sooo perfect :3

Come on, some of you also do that, I can’t be the only one :P!


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