Food post July

It’s time for this months quick but long blog post stuffed with food photos!

So this month my cousins from Copenhagen came to visit us (already left uhhhhh . . . ) , we went to a lot of places to dine, my prom night is over… time to show you what we had for food at all those days <3

At the VAPIANO in Essen again :

wholegrain spaghetti yummy <3
another healthy meal – wholegrain fusilli with italian salami and rucola
spinach-tomato-creme pizza , MINE <3
pizza calzone !
long noodles (forgot the name ;_______; ) with feta cheese, salvia and dried tomato
This one looks a bit less cheesy :DD And sure was… but also very yummy! Pizza with rucola, dried tomatoes and figs (weird name for this fruit XDD)
Again the fusilli noodles because out of all this one looked by far the best!
STOP AT THE DUNKINDONUTS in Cologne <3 My ever favourite donut in their basic assortment is the chocolate-coconut covered one <3
something healthy again :D ! Salad bowls at the WOYTON in Cologne
You can choose any ingredient to add to the salad, the more you choose, the pricier :D Not that I’m used to pay much for salad ._____. But when it’s only once in a while, I guess it’s OK :) It’s healthy and veeeeery delicious. I love their sauces!!!
curry at a small thai diner– this one was mine :)
With beef, potato and coconut cream!
Similar to mine – with bambus sprouts and pork
shredded chicken or pork salad – very refreshing and tasty <3
Yellow curry with lots of duck :D
Vegetarian meal for my cousin :P
Lemon spongy cake <3 
Basil panna cotta ( really tastet like basil o.o) and chocolate fudge mini cakes 
Sweets cake with white mice :) YUMMY
At the korean restaurant in Essen named SARANGBANG (omg, lovely lovely name *______*)
Bulgogi forever ! ! !
The food here was sooo tasty! Totally unexpected hot too – omg too much chili powder 
MINE – Dolsot Bibimbap as always . My alltime favourite <3

So that’s it for this month – how come a month passes sooo quickly???

Hope you liked the looooong food post! The next days I will post about the things my mum got me from Hong Kong <3 Yeaaaah, she just came back!


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