VISIT from DENMARK ! / more of another food post / the “Call me maybe” hype

Soooo… I’ve been really really busy these days because, well, I got some of my relatives visiting us here in Germany! I haven’t seen them for at least 3 yrs now, I swear! Everyday up to now since their arrival has been like really really funny and full of action at all time – up until late 3am <3

They have been to Germany once or twice (also stayed at our place :) but still I think there is so much to show them here~ Most importantly FOOD! There is so so sooooo much nice food here, like the all-you-can-eat-sushi restaurant in Düsseldorf called Okinii (I’m gonna tell you more in a coming post, I think :D ) or VAPIANO ( SEE MY PREVIOUS BLOGPOST :D )  or whatsoever… there are too many lovely places for lovely food here ;_______; !!!

Most importantly they came to attend my sisters awesome birthday. Yes- it really was awesome. And I’m not sure of how many DVDs she got that day… it was just too many… just those are enough to fill one shelf, I swear! Here are my favs of her new DVDs :


And what did we do on that special occasion?? BBQ at the Seaside Beach Baldeney where I work :DD! It was such a nice weather despite having bad luck with the weather the last days and weeks, really!

rays of sunshine <3
Two of the four cousins who came to visit :)
another one taking a sunbath <3
A little beach volleyball action!

And finally the part why everyone actually came to my sisters birthday, yes, I know that :DD!!

THE FOOD. Damn, I’m sorry for showing everyone so obviously how much I worship food <3

Looks at this yummy food~ Y SO LOVELY??
Dark chocolate cupcake with lemon (and partly also raspberry :D) curd cheese creme and pistachio
Vanilla cupcake with raspberry curd cheese creme and white chocolate chips
Finally made some glutinous riceballs with fillings ! ! ! But I had no coconut ;______; Next time will be even BETTER, for sure ! ! !

Another lovely photo of the yummy cupcakes! Sooooo dam easy to make, I swear!

Soooo… that’s it for todays post and I must sincerely apologize for not having posted a decent post these days ;_______;

Just one last thing : everyone who had time and wanted to gave me a video in which they crazily dance or not dance to the song “Call me maybe” from Carly Rae Japson. Damn, this song is really annoying and by now, after having heared it for certainly over 100 times… need – to – kill- the – speakers ! ! !

But the video is really well done <3 By my boyfriend as his present to my sister :) He invested much time and effort in it and you can really see it, really nicely done :D!!

I wanted to link you the video so you could also see, but it has been deleted due to copyright you know what… such a pity .______.


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