beauty post / New Glossybox Young / Makeup Factory / Elizabeth Arden / such a lovely day ~

Why a lovely day? Because the day before yesterday I received the new Glossybox Young AND some giveaway products from Makeup Factory AND my heart patterned tights arrived <3 OH AND I got an awesome present from my aunt, who came visit us from Copenhagen, Denmark! I’m gonna show all these things in this post, yeah I shall call it a brag (beauty things or whatsoever) post~

So let’s start with the unwrapping of the Glossybox Young :

Lovely pink box – what could be inside?

Yet another lovely box!

A new shower gel from Palmolive – smells quite interesting and refreshing. 1,99€ for this 150ml product and . . .
. . . save another 0,50€ for your next buy! . . . awesomeness pure or what? Well, I guess I won’t need that :D
Now this sounds promising – a moisturizer, to be more precise, a moistourizing fluid ( ah yes o.o), from Aok. Smells nice and light, also has a light texture. . .  I guess this is a great product ~Costs 4,99€ per 50ml bottle.
This tiny test product (15ml I guess) is much too small ._____. I would have loved the original size product, for sure! This is a nice cleansing gel from bebe young care, gentle to your skin and easy to use.

Ok, I guess I won’t have any better cleansing gel than the one I am currently using anyway :D It’s genius. Totally worth the money, I use it especially for removing my eye make up. It’s so gentle and fast to clean off all my make up <3 For my lazy days, you know :DD

This might actually be a nice product . . . but oh dear, the brush is so big, I am afraid I won’t be able to use this one for my tiny eyelashes. It might not coat my lashes too well . . .
SUPERSIZE mascara from MANHATTAN in black, usually costs 5,99€ in this 12ml bottle.

Usually I don’t use mascara very often because of my much too short lashes . . . asian lashes, you know

VIP by Playboy, perfume that comes in a 30 ml quite cute flacon, usually 10,99€.
Smells quite ok , I am just not a big Playboy fan . . . not at all . . . nice present for the next friend I get invited to her birthday, whom I don’t know too well. Come on, that’s an okay present!
So that’s it! All in all I think it is a great goodie box :) But instead of Playboy anything else would have been better for me personally. Srsly.

Next brag item is this MAKEUP FACTORY giveaway bag with . . .

A Volume Mascara in black (yet another mascara ;O;) and a High Shine Lip Gloss with a very nice colour <3 Really . . . I love the tone of the lipgloss!!

This brush is better than the one from the SUPERSIZE mascara from Manhattan :) I guess I will get to use this one more often ~

Got these items as a giveaway for participating in a promotion or
whatsoever :D How nice of them to give all participants such a present

Next item is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Creme limited edition set brought from my auntie <3

Forever Eight Hour Creme <3 It really does work wonders despite it’s characteristic smell!
These two tins look adorable, don’t they? And they are so handy! Eight Hour Creme in compact tin size! Though it’s said to be for lips only… I will definitely use it just like the normal tube :D It’s just the same, though, of course, another texture. Still works the same way for sure – it smells the same!

So that’s it for todays post! Nice food post coming soon! I have taken soo many food photos this month <3


3 thoughts on “beauty post / New Glossybox Young / Makeup Factory / Elizabeth Arden / such a lovely day ~

    • Their actual Glossybox (without the “young”) is even bigger for just 5€ more :D It contains beauty products for 25+ yrs ppl, but I would definitely buy it next month :)
      Sometimes the products are quite nice, but I sometimes also very dissappointing :x it’s the same with all those boxes I guess! Also need to try out the Pinkbox next time… it’s said to be even better? Well~


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