prom night / my purple dress in action !


all with lovely dresses – but I was the only one with a purple dress :DD
smiled too much :x
nicely done bro!
lovely decoration
the team for prom did a great job in decoration
Wavy hair <3 Judith and me


orange vanilla mousse topped with chocolate and cherry sauce
(how hard it is to get a nice looking plate of food from a buffet XD)
forever alone

Aaaand – over!


Yes, that’s it. Last time seeing most of my former class mates, sadly, but that’s how it works in life. With every step we take, we gain and lose something. That’s the only way we can advance to the next level.

I will miss some of them, but I know that what’s ahead of me might be even more than worth losing these bonds. Well, not that I will say farewell to all of them! I will surely remain in contact with me dearest friends, that’s for sure!

Prom night (we call it Abiball, the last night celebrating our graduation and obtaining the A-level/Abitur) was lovely. Guess it could have been better, but I won’t complain. The people from my class did well organizing it, the video was nicely done (so many old photos… even from the 5th grade ;______; <3), the “Abizeitung” (like a yearbook) is really really good, the food (very important of course!) was not bad and the dresses were lovely. All in all – a memorable night.


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