SCHOOL’S OUT FOREVER / I got my A level – finally !

Now it’s official. I got my A level, yes yes YES!!!
This was also officially the last time at school for me. This last time the head teacher of our school handed out the certificates of our successful school carreer (more or less~). It was a nice evening and the next to last day on which I will see my class mates. Though a bit chaotic and kind of clueless, I wouldn’t want to miss this day. So much memories are tied to school, that noone could deny, whether they were good or bad ones ( I must admit, I didn’t have too much of the bad ones as I wasn’t too tied to school at all I guess…) there will surely come a day where I will actually miss, really MISS these old days, this school, the people there. I know that but until that day comes – let’s celebrate for finally having finished the “Abitur”/A-level!

happy chubby face

Starting today I will apply for a university place at any university for architecture, engineering (industrial or similar), environmental science and, last but definitly not least, physics. Yes, that’s right. I have the confidence that if I really work hard for it I will surely last. And most of all – I would be more than just proud of myself if I would last. Maybe it’s just a thought that will vanish very soon. Who knows? I will apply for it anyway!
Damn, I just can’t wait to be a student anymore!


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