On the day of the match Germany VS Italy… to show my support for my favourite team! But oh noees… Germany lost…

Anyway – the UEFA EURO 2012 was amazing. Again. And even though we didn’t as far as I hoped we would, I think our german team has done well :) Plus it was so great to watch the games with friends or family <3My dad is the loudest of all people I know when watching football, I swear! He’s soooo in the game, he wouldn’t notice things happening around him when focused XDToday (here in Germany it’s already 1:21 pm on the 1st of July, yeaaa, new month!!) the it’s the final round with Italy VS Spain

I’m actually cheering for the Spain guys, because they are way hotter than the Italians. Just talk about Mario. No thanks. If one would ever meet him, don’t be scared of him, no- he doesn’t want to kill you! That is pretty much how I think he looks like all the time. Especially when he scores . . . strange guy. Really strange guy. But maybe he will scare off the Spanish and makes his way to a goal – his tactic that is .

Fighting, Spain team, fighting! (erm… that’s kind of a cheer :D)




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