Food post June

Some of you might already know this, but to those who don’t : DAMN, I LOVE FOOD !

But sadly I don’t belong to those people who can eat and eat and eat and don’t get any fatter… but I don’t get too fat, so that’s just fine :D I will continue loving and enjoying food as I have always done. Food. FOOD!

Anyone can make me the happiest person in the world in an instant with food, really. That’s how my boyfriend always tries to bait me…!

Well, I have made several photos of food the past month which I didn’t include in any other blogpost so far… such a waste, so I thought I’m gonna show off all the awesomeness with you!

Here you are :

Chocolate cupcake, blueberry cupcake . . .
. . . strawberry cupcake and orange-vanilla cupcake, all from . . .
. . . Sugarbird Cupcakes ! <3

Spinach pizza ftw !
Look at all this cheeeeese .____. <3
I love funghi !

These are the cakes we sold at our Maidcafé Lucky Chocolate <3 I never buy frozen cakes but these are really really nice!

Black Forest cake, but way too small parts!
ChocolatexChocolate cake

fish (turbot) in garlic-herb-butter sauce with leek eeeeek <3
Best grilled chicken made by my dad :)
And what is this? . . .
Strawberry cheesecake from Starbucks *q*
as take-away :3
This one is really chilly and great especially for hot days –
glutinous balls formed into a heart shape in mango honey sauce

That’s all for this months food, I hope I can show you even more next month if you like!

I hope I can finally get myself to take some awesome photos of selfmade food! Especially the food my parents make! Their food always tastes best! It’s so good, that it’s hard to hold myself and take a decent photo of the food~!


5 thoughts on “Food post June

  1. You’re killing me with this post, too much yummy stuff here!!! I wish I could find stuff like this also here in Italy! :( or maybe it’s better that I don’t find it….:D

    • That’s why I love taking photos of food sooo much :DDD TO make other ppl jealous XDD But srsly, there’s yummy food everywhere! And, damn- over yours in Italy there must be lots of awesome food! I love italian food <3 *q*

      • Everyonethinks I’m crazy cause I don’t like italian food! :D I’m from Estonia and I’ve been living here for 7yrs now. I guess it depends on in which part of Italy you eat :P

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