Phantasialand <3 / birthday spent in a theme park is the best !

This will surely be a post filled with lots and lots of photos, yeaa! I guess, it’s totally fine for me to be the only photographer when hanging with my friends. No, well, I LOVE IT. I’m pretty sure I ‘m not too good at taking photos… but with my lovely LUMIX GF3, damn <3 , it’s soooo easy to take nice photos with it, anyone can! Plus when others take photos with/of me, I really really look stupid on most of them. I swear. I’m only photogenic when taking selcas.

Just look at the photos beneath. Most are taken by myself, some are taken by some strangers I kindly asked to help us out :D I only included one, because the rest… is not worth seeing /DD Perfectionist me <3

Soooo… where to start with… My dearest lovely nail-polish-addict, tv-series-addict, currently-on-a-diet friend Judith got 20 this friday!
That’s why I suggested to go to the theme park near Cologne, to which we both have never ever been to in our entire 19 and accordingly 20 year old lives.

roundabout <3
Judith & me (panda-mode!)

WTF – free entry for her, because, well, she had birthday <3 That’s an amount of bloody 38.50€ she saved!! I WANT ;A;!! I want to go there again for my birthday <3

Geeez, no need to exaggerate DD:
Looks like a … :DD
Whoaaaa <3 Chairoplane in action – it looks sooo lovely!

You wouldn’t know how depressing it is to surely be one of the few unlucky ones who have never ever been to Phantasialand before, whilst all the others have gone there at least 1 or 2 times already! Poor me and Judith ;_______; But how happy and excited we were on that day! <3 Just like small children!

Holding hands on the chairoplane…
ZOOM :D Look at uber happy me <3

After about 1 1/2 hours ( we had some problems with the GPS system . . . it was not only set on avoiding traffic jams, that’s totally fine, but also on avoiding motorways, WTF XDD Wondered for the first half hour where we were going… just rural streets :DD ) we arrived there by car and because we were late already, we had to delay the handing over of our gift, which I have prepared for some hours in the night before :P . . . Yes, I did have some lack of sleep due to this, but it was totally worth it!

No need to tell – we had lots of fun on that day. The best thing on that day was how we rode the rollercoaster again and again just to get a nice looking photo of us. With that I don’t mean “good-looking” but rather “nice… we look ridiculous <3”. I won’t upload a photo of it but I guess I can try to describe to you:

Judith and me in the first row of a waggon with horrible faces looking like we were desperately strangling each other and Julie in the row behind us looking devasted.
This photo was definitely worth its money <3 And, yes, we all look horrible in that photo :DD

This hotty needed some attention :D
Jealous . . . of us :D??
Spiky hair is spiky :D

I will definitely go there again this year, for we got free entry in the winter season <3 Plus I get free entry on my birthday *O*!

Some more photos of that day :

Julie & me
Had to make use of the nice weather to take selcas~
Another one :D Did I mention my lack of sleep at the night before? Yessss, bags included :DD
Nice weather but we didn’t need to queue too long at any ride :) That day was really a perfect theme park day <3
Despite us looking a bit worn out and the flash of my cam makes us look a bit weird (I rarely use it, because I don’t like the results… just like in this photo – I look like wearing a wig, srsly! ) ATTENTION PLEASE TO THE MAN IN THE BACKGROUND . TROLLFACE WTF XDD
had to post this one <3
All from my class :) It will be hard to see each other again after graduation ;_____;


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