BEFORE & AFTER hair dye (lighter) / Why I will dye my hair purple soon . . .

that is actually because of a bet I made with myself.

The bet was that if I get any better in my oral exams than my written exam scores (History and Physics), I dye my hair light again. If I get more than two points better in each exam… I would go purple. Hell yea 8DD I’m gonna get purple really soon! So wait for it! I’m actually really looking forward to this <3 But well… I thought that maybe I should wait for my prom night to be over and then dye my hair purple because… I would have purple hair and wear a lovely dress which is – I would have loved it to be wine red but as soon as I saw it in the dress and this colour, omg – also PURPLE. Actually this might look quite nice, I will have to consider this… still got plenty of time until prom.


The hell I have! I only got 2 weeks left! So to avoid any unwanted surprise after dyeing and to let it, well, rest before I use my curling iron on it, I would definitely need to dye a week prior. Damn, suddenly it’s only 1 week left! Time sure passes so quickly ;______;

Anyway… I have dyed my hair just now. Goodbye grown out black hair <3 When dyed with lighter hair, the purple might actually look better :) Whether it will be before or after prom :DD
BTW – I use a japanese hair dye from LIESE, the one with foam colouring.

I’ve been using these colours :)

It’s soooo easy to use <3 I don’t even need to prepare anything, done in 10-15 Minutes ( got pretty long hair by now) and leave it in my hair for another 30 minutes. Easy peasy :DD The results are really nice, it always looks really natural~

With lamplight
Without lamplight

I’ve been using this hair dye for two years now, redye after 4-6 month. My roots grow out for about 4-5 cm but, well, I don’t want to harm my hair too much, so I let it rest this way. BUT THIS TIME I LEFT MY HAIR AS IS with about 7-8cm long roots… in this recent picture (zoomed in) you can see them . . . OMG, after seeing this, I HAD to redye them! Too horrible to look at ;A;

Next time I dye my hair lighter I want to try out the japanese hair dye called PALTY – it’s also a foam hair dye!

I want to get these colours *O*

I’ ve also seen this hair dye in Hong Kong at SASA, so I’ll tell my mom to buy it for me when she’s there next month.

Yeaaa, she told me to tell her if I would want anything from Hong Kong… guess I’ll have to do some google research before giving her a list <3 Chances are that she might not find the items I name her, so I need to find out pictures for her to show the shop assistants :DD


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