To the next level / No, I’m not going to a furneral

It’s too nice to be done with school once and for all. Even my oral retests are done <3

My god… I rocked them both… like DAMN!! I really thought I would do really really bad especially on my History exam… but DA FAQ? I got 13 points (A-) in Physics and 10 points (B-) in History! And say WHAT?? My total average score got better! Didn’t even think of this possibility for any second, I swear! I am so so sooo damn happy right now, I could tear up <3 GOT MY A LEVEL <3

Next step I want to take is study architecture at a university somewhere in or near NRW. My university of choice is Aachen, such a lovely city with lots n lots of students! If me and my friend Judith get into the RWTH Aachen, we’ll move into a flat together along with one or two other flatmates – campus life can finally start then!

Before this phase I have about 3 months with nothing to do but work (can’t spend anything without money!) and spending time with my family and friends and, of course, my boyfriend. And finding a stay in the cities in which I have applied for a university place once I get a permittance. I really really hope that everything will work out as I have planned and that there won’t be any difficulties lying ahead!

Daaaamn, how boring for you to read about my life again! But I guess that’s also content of my blog :) Random stuff blog I should rename it!!

Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Lately I’ve been going for a more simple look with lots of black… don’t know why, but people around began noticing this and told me that it really suits me. One of them also said something like: “You look different somehow… so feminine!”. . . I didn’t look feminine before? You kiddin’ me? “No, what I meant is that before you looked all cute and kawaii and a child!” . . . I guess I know exactly what he means… I tend to look very young despite my age ( I’m an old hag now! Nineteen! Oh my gawwwd, how time passes…) … that’s because I use make up wtf :D! Without it I would look like a nineteen year old nerd. Really.

I can look more “grown up” like this:

or, like always, more on the cute side:

don’t look at my mouth, NO, I wasn’t trying to make a pout mouth, noooo way!
How come my Samsung is so sensitive for the tiniest movement ;_____; ? Compare this photo to the ones above… This is by far the best .____.

I like taking selcas, if you haven’t noticed yet :3 My Samsung ST700 is specialized in taking self shots! I lovelovelove it <3 My cam I mean :D



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