what I LOVE / it’s all about f**d

So many people tell me I look like a cutie, a doll, an anime character, a japanese doll… even my relatives do! To make this clear –  I am chinese (cantonese), I am nineteen years old, my height is 165cm, my weight varies.

OK, maybe I even like looking a little bit like a doll :3?

Taken with Instagram , I’m trying out photo apps these days :)

If you also have Instagram, feel free to add me :DD!

My Instagram name : jenabovetherainbow

In this last pic… I really look like a lifeless doll, don’t I XD?? Somehow it’s funny, I don’t usually look so much like a doll like in this photo :P That’s why I like Instagram <3

(BTW I just learned how to add photos here on WordPress… I’m damn slow, you see :D?)

I love Japan, I want to visit Tokyo and Okinawa (very soon?) .

I love Korea because of all the K-dramas I’ve watched up until now (first to watch Full House with Bi/Rain <3) .

Hong Kong – my favourite city . Whenever I’m there (about every year), I get to buy soooo much lovely cloths, eat yummy food… my personal paradise!

Music . No matter how I feel , music always makes me calm down and motivates me . While learning I love listening to music ( really really loud :DD ) <3

Fashion .

Lady Gaga – apparently, yes, I have been a monster from the very start .

Big Bang ( no, not the TV series – it’s a korean boyband, an awesome and my favourite one ) &

2NE1 ( my favourite korean girlband ) .
Cute things, especially cute animals .
kawaiiiii nee?! <3

I love extraordinary things.

I love theme parks and much much more…  

But most of all . . .


Ok, I should have posted this in one of my first blog posts I guess? Whatever :D

Well, I’m going to dedicate a part of my blog to food and make monthly posts about food! Maybe even more often, maybe I’ll leave out content about food in regular blog posts…? Maybe I’ll even make a header category for food? Wait and see~

I hope to get even more followers in the future~ it’s always nice to know, that other people like what you do <3 So please do follow and share me!



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