Forever doooooomed / landscape shots

Doooooomed. Like really. 

Today we got the results for the written final exams and, well, I was as good as to have a too great a difference in points reached to the points of my preevaluation.

Short: I was too good before but the exams were hell of a mess. 

Hell yeaaa, I won two retests one in Physics and one in History <3 I want to cry, but somehow I can’t. That might be because I swear that I am the only of our school this year, who cannot get any better however the oral retests might end up. WTF?! And if that is not all – I need to keep up the given grades otherwise I will get a lower average score. Forever sadness…

I’m only complaining now to let you know that I will probably not be blogging anything in the next 1 1/2 weeks maybe even 2 weeks. I need to study really really hard! Why? Because I think by now I have forgotten all the things I learned for the written finals. Total reset or something <3
I love bragging about things. Normally it would be about clothes, accessoires, bags, all different kind of things which I bought in Hong Kong. More seldomly it would be about things I can do, things I have created (artworks for instance) or such. But here is something entirely new to brag about: my awesomely cheap all-flats-I-ever-wanted mobile contract with BASE I got via Handyagent 24 <3 For only 10€ per month I get to call all my E-Plus people for free, send short messages to all mobile networks, use up 500MB of high-speed internet (gprs after that)! What this means?? F R E E D O M .

Ok this was reeeeally random. That’s just how my blog goes about :)

reflection in the front screen somehow gives this photo a quite special feeling to it~

I drive down this rural area almost every second day and whenever the weather is really sunny, the landscape here looks awesome, really really awesome. I love taking pictures when the weather is great because the colors shine more vibrantly!

this capture wasn’t as good as some others but the colours are really really nice here :)
My favourite photo… somehow this looks kind of… celestial *-*



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