NEON? I’m not going with this trend / crossobsession

Damn it, I would have loved to buy the trousers with the wornout-destroyed look and the cross on one pocket, which I have tried on on the maid meeting day in Dortmund at Gina Trikot ;_____;

Remember this photo I already posted?
Beneath is another photo I took, showing off the shorts :)
I love it .

By now I am sooooo regretting not having bought them! Why? Well, that’s because yesterday I had a nice relaxing shopping day with a friend of mine in Essen. But wherever we went, I saw shorts everywhere, whether they were jeans shorts, cargo shorts, cut-off destroyed shorts (omg, I soooo want these <3) sporty shorts, in all different kind of colours! It seems like there’s been a new trend for this summer: neon coloured clothes. WTF- I’ll never be going with this trend, NEVER EVER! Neon colour would never appear in my wardrobe for as long as I live. OK, I might be exaggerating, but really- I will never have any neon green, neon yellow or neon pink ( holy shit…). I guess there are some clothes in my wardrobe in neon but I never knew they were neon :D… Just take a look :

I guess… neon can look pretty awesome sometimes… and the colour in the picture above is one of my ever favourites…! Melon colour or salmon colour I would say? Awww, I love this colour. And just noticed that this is also kind of neon…

Yeah ok, I guess I’ll take back what I said for this colour. But only because I have always loved this colour!

Anyway~ I went shopping with my friend yesterday and we went to eat something first. Whereelse but at the Vapiano in Essen? Awww, I love the food there! I could eat there like every single day! Plus the meals aren’t too expensive there <3

Here’s what Feli had:

Hmmm~ nice funghi fusilli in cream sauce <3

Here’s what I had:

Yummy <3 First time trying this kind of pasta, named parpadelle. Sounds pretty cool!

Next we did some shopping. I got myself a new necklace at Mango and a new ring at Primark! Here’s a photo of the necklace I took later while sitting down and having a nice coconut chocolate Frappucino at Starbucks~

Damn, it tastes like bounty but as a frappucino! Pure awesomeness <3
I’m yummy! I’m awesome! Go buy and drink me!
Feli enjoying the same frappucino while facebooking.
She could be doing an advert for Starbucks with her outfit that day!
Necklace from Mango for 9,99€ – great <3

The moment I saw the necklace I instantly fell in love with this lovely item! It has such a lovely charm to it, don’t you think? The ring I got at Primark also has a cross btw… I guess I have a new obsession :D I mean, I have a serious accessoire obsession. I can’t possibly go out without any necklace or ring or bracelet on me. If I ever forget to wear any such thing, I would feel kind of naked. You know what I mean? It’s such a weird feeling, so I can’t help but go to the next accessoire store and buy something to wear. OMG, I guess I’m pretty much a weirdo…

Outfit of that day :) Already wearing the necklace~
Feli is shining sooo brightly!

That’s it for today’s post, hope you liked it! If you do, please follow my blog! I’d be sooo happy, really!! And if you want to make me even more happy, please share with everyone <3



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