Pandora’s Tower [ quick game review ] / passing by the landscape

I’ve been playing the game Pandora’s Tower (Nintendo) lately… and I must say, I’m quite impressed :) Done with the 4th “Master” already and I think it’s a really really nice action RPG.
The great Scar in and in the middle the towers. Like, damn, this looks awesome!

Your mission is to collect the endbosses meat, and give it to your beloved friend Helena. By eating them she can reverse the curse on her, which makes her transform into a beast.

PT is made by the Japanese, so it’s only normal for the characters to look like this… I like it :D
Aeron killing one of the Tower’s Masters

The graphics are not as impressing as the big shooters of JRPG like Final Fantasy, but it’s a game for the Wii WTF so I don’t complain! I think I’ll finish this game first, before I start with Xenoblade, which many say is by far the best Wii RPG and … well, whatever :D

What I really really like is the controll system with the Wii Motion controller plus Nunchuk (optionally a classic controller) which you can move in order to swing with your chain. Yeah, the character does not only use a sword but also a chain, to grab hold onto things. That’s pretty cool I think, but it can also be quite annoying. Yet another thing which can be annoying from time to time, is the camera in the game. Nope, you can’t controll it… but I think that it’s ok… just ok…

The game reminds me a bit of Baten Kaitos for the Game Cube– a bit old, but I loved it anyway! I’m not too picky with games and also not someone, who plays all the time. At least I shouldn’t be!

Anyway- I love the game, the story and the setting of the game… really… Don’t you think that a gigantic fortress which hangs in the middle of a great abyss (called the Scar) held together by massive chains look pretty cool? I don’t even know how to describe this whole thing, it’s quite breathtaking! Damn, it looks really spooky… oh, did I mention the monsters in the fortress yet? I think they are nicely designed :)
Whatelse did I forget to mention… ah- the character you play is (guess what) a guy, but he looks really feminine :D! Plus he seems really shy… and his hair looks weird somehow.

All in all I think that Pandora’s Tower is by far one of the greatest games for the Wii. The story and setting is quite unique, I like how Helena is connected to your chain weapon (You can see, in how far the grudge has taken over her. This way you know when to quickly return to the Observatorium and give her monster flesh.), how you work step by step, tower by tower. Anyone with a Wii should get this game, especially if you’re a (action) role-play-game lover!

OK, that’s it for now! I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the game by this weekend or the next. I like to take much time to search through all corners of the dungeons… might as well say I am a slow gamer…
No random stuff in this post? NO WAY! So here some photos I took while passing by the beautiful landscape near my home.. in a car that is :D.

The weather wasn’t as good as expected but the photos came out especially nice… somehow :)



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