DoKomi 2012 part 2 / a peek backstage

Here’s the next post about the weekend I had at the DoKomi! More photos and more maids :DD

AWWWW, so damn cute!!! I wanted to buy this, but I didn’t have enough money with me ;A; In the end it was all sold out ;_____; Nooooo…


Our “kitchen” . . . sure :D


Our kitchen was surrounded by mirrors *-* Perfect for some mirror shots!

Le me, May (back) and Aimi(with the huge bow)Even at the end of the 2nd day we still look lovely!


See the paravent next to us? It’s sooo beautiful <3 I wann have this too, I asked where to get this, but DAMN ;A;… I don’t even have enough space in my room for it . . .


From left to right , top to bottom<3Gini , Junmei , le me , Linh , Jessica , Aimi , Mel


OMG – there’s a host (from the Sweetspice Hostclub) behind us :DD!! (The one with the dark blue shirt)
The two blond maids are Vivi and Anni


But really… on sunday I had almost no time to take pictures D:! I wanted to take much much more… That is also because some of our maids took part in the character auction. Me included. Noooooo, it’s not what you might think it is! It’s all for a good cause :) Did I ever tell you, that all the money the DoKomi earns will be donated? This year it’s for
the orphans in japan who lost their parents after the catastrophe.

Anyone can put oneself up for auction, once the bidding ends, you spend 2 hours with the winner of the bidding with chatting, having fun, taking photos (that’s why mostly cosplayers put themselves up for auction)… well, have a nice time together :) I think it’s a really really nice idea, all for a good cause that is, though you might not want to be purchased by auction by some weirdos… no thank you. Up until now it was never the case and this is my 3rd time now :) Ever since I work there as a maid :D

Anyway… ahhhh, the auction for us maids (7 cute maids in total, all together in one group :) was incredible… BTW- all male bidders :DD

At first it started with 15€… then 20€, then 30€ and so on… 100€, 150€… BAAAAAM 210€!!! That’s the highest bid in the 4 year old history of the convention!

The whole last year we’ve been planning lots and lots of things for this years café and I must admit, this year’s organization was so much better, our system was better, everything went smoother – no maids crying or trowing a tantrum :) But some things will never change… no matter what shoes you wear, your feet will be dead by the end of the first day ;______; !!

Some more photos I took at the convention :

Foooooooood FTW

Kao’s creation No.1


not selfmade~ but whoever arranged this plate did a nice job <3


Kao’ creation No.2 – she’s a genius ;_____;


Chocolate cream cake (selfbought :P)


Black Forest cake aka “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte”


So crowded I could barely pass through x.x




backstage snapshot


All the people who stayed up until the very end of the DoKomi got pizza! So why not stay a little longer? Yessshh, got my mushroom pizza <3

The time went by sooo fast… the days ended in an instant… but I had so much fun with everyone and I got to know many nice people! Maybe I will see them again this saturday at the annual Jday (“Japantag”) in Düsseldorf~

We had soooooo much pizza :D!! Two Hosts in front of the mighty pizza tower

That’s it for this years DoKomi, maybe I’ll add some photos or videos from others in future posts :)

Hope you liked the blogentries!



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