DoKomi 2012 part 1 / opening dance GEE

Sooooo the weekend of the DoKomi is over… this year it took place in a much bigger location! The moment I arrived there I was truely stunned by the whole building!

I took some photos of inside the building :

Awesome stage for the showacts… some of our maid café did the entrance dance on there :) Awesome feeling, I swear!!
Nice view from standing on the stage <3 And it’s only a part!! Just imagine the whole stageroom filled with lots and lots of people!!
The ballroom. I didn’t get the chance to take a decent photo of it ._____.

Saturday was sold out in an instant (poor people who came from far away and didn’t get in ;-;… I heard that many from other countries came and also didn’t get in… ), so maybe they will add more rented space to the convention next year.

BTW- I really really hope that I will be able to work there again next year. It’s been my 3rd time as a maid now, but I still really really love the job! Most of all I love entertaining our guests, chatting with them~ Even though it was quite tiring sometimes, reaaaally tiring… I like it :)!!

At the 1st day. I took really nice photos of other maids, but Y NO GOOD PHOTOS OF ME ;A;??? :D Superb.

I never really had much time to look around at the convention, this year I had :) Well, at least more than the years before… I saw soooo many uber cute things, soooo many Rillakkumas

I <3 Rillakkuma!

and I had many rounds of Streetfighter X Tekken for the PS3 with my boyfriend~

Here’s a snap shot of two guys playing before our turn :) I LOVE THE CONTROLLER. Srsly. Even though we had no clue which button was for which move, it was so much fun!
Capcom FTW :D

Yeaaah… even though he usually doesn’t go to any manga/anime conventions, he came to see me and support me :) I was so so happy about this, it totally made my day!

So this is why for me this years DoKomi was the best so far.

I forgot to mention something at the beginning ( and I’m too lazy to read through all the text again and find a suitable passage to add it :DD ) :

This year we had to study a new dance for our maid café. Last year it was the typical maid dance “Mune Mune Kyun”. Also got video footage, but I’m not gonna show you :P It’s a bit embarassing… my failed try to do the dance I mean. If you really wanna see it, try and google it or search on youtube (Dokomi maids 2011 dance…)

Anyway- what I wanted to show you was this years dance! It was “Gee” from SNSD/Girl’s Generation!! Of course we took the japanese version – the DoKomi is a japanese convention after all :D And of course we took the short version – we don’t want to exaggerate after all :DD…

So here is a video footage from a guest ( I think) who put it online just two days ago:

This year we had a whole bunch of new maids ( I’ve been an employee since two years now, old me!) and they are all so cute and nice! Well, maybe there were times when I thought that some certain maids were really really annoying… but well, that’s just normal for about 25 girls working together! And I really think that we did a great job!

I’m sooo dead tired now… I think I’ll tell you a bit more about the whole convention and what we did the friday before everything in another post! Hope you liked it so far :)

More photos coming!!



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