Photoaday May day 11 to 18

Another quick post. This time it’s also really really short. Just a few pictures as content and some words.

day 11 – kitchen
[ Dejavú? Well, I already posted this photo in my previous blogentry… But really, this kitchen ( left :D)  is pure love! ]
day 12 – something that makes you happy
[ FOOD ( The muffins above are filled with a wasabi cream cheese . YUMMY. ]
day 13 – mum [ Sunday was Mothersday and so I bought my mom a
bouquet of rosé roses and baked a lovely Nutella marble cake:I baked it in a heart spring form and put some sugar powder on top
of it with yet another heartshape cut out of paper. I think I did
great! Though I would love it even more, if it were a bit softer… ]
day 14 – grass
[ nothing special, just some plain weed near the train station of my hometown. And some cigarettes from irresponisble people.]
day 16 – what you’re readingFräulein. Nice magazine. Really really nice. I like it :) Comes out monthly <3
day 17 – snackI’ve become addicted to these. At first it was just because of the
vitamins.. but don’t they look sooo cute?? Teddy multi-vitamins! Have a
day 18 – something you madeMy last work. Not fully satisfied. But it was for school anyway. And the
grades for my art courses didn’t even count for my last certificate
It wasn’t supposed to be an advert for the tea company but an advertlike poster to showcase the fruit tea. Done within an hour. How I hated my teachers assignments .____.




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