ALL IN RED / Welcome to sushi paradise

A veeery quick post, because I’ve been way too busy these days and going from one place to another doing lots and lots of things! I had a really nice time doing this, doing that but now I’m dead tired… and now I need to charge and get lots and lots of sleep. Yeah, I’ve been decently deprived of sleep… on the average I got a daily amount of 5 hours sleep and that is not healthy.

But before I will sink into my bed I quickly want to tell you, what I’ve been up to :)

Yesterday three of our Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé were booked to serve on an event in Düsseldorf. There will be a new post of the event coming soon on our homepage, so do visit our website :) !

Anyway, before we went to the location of the event we visited the OCS and took some puris <3 It’s always the same with us… like really… we can’t help but look cute and kawaii and whatever on puris! That’s why we love them so much!!

When we arrived at the location we were stunned by the architecture of the building… it really looked great…! I happen to only have taken a few pictures of the interieur, the cantene /kitchen part :) ALL IN RED. I LOVE THIS ROOM. It’s fucking red!

The photo above… besides all those pierced scacks on the tables on the right side… do you see the whole bunch of sushi on the counter of the kitchen? Five whole tablets with most delicious sushi. That is indeed sushi paradise. Damn. So here some more of the yummy sushi <3

And here the other snacks of course… You noticed my intention? Yeah, I wanna make your mouth water :D!!!

Ok… that’s it for now. Enough of the torture! So to finish this quick post: a photo of me in the maid dress plus one of the tablets with sushi… they are so damn massive… the tablets I mean! Really really heavy ._____.



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