Adam Green / Photoaday May day 7 to 10

“Poor you!” That’s exactly what I think when looking out of my window into the classrooms of my soon-to-be former school :) I know exactly how they feel as I have experienced the same misery… but damn- never again!!! I still can’t believe it… and I just can’t wait to start studying! I can’t wait to move out and have my own big room, which I can decorate however I feel like <3 But then again I start thinking about how old I am now… nineteen… saying goodbyes to my teentime soon .____. Time is running too fast…

But that’s not all I wanted to blog about today! After another three days that is… I guess I am lazy .___. I’m sorry for that!

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys another great musician. This time it’s the real deal. Like really really… And maybe some of you already know him. Either way- he is awesome and I have come to like his music alot : Adam Green.

His music sounds really… damn I can’t describe it- kind of old/vintage/indie etc. ??? It’s just different from mainstream and the rest you might know…!

The following video is not the original music video (it doesn’t have one :P)…
but it’s funny :) “Friends of mine” gets an entirely different meaning :

There’s another of his songs I wanted to show you before you google him/his music by yourself. It’s named “Emily” and it’s also one of my several favourite songs of his <3 Please take a minute and listen :

Sooo, here are the next Photoaday photos for May:
7th day –  someone that inspires you
[ The person who did this, my dear sister . ]
8th day – a smell you adore
[ Sorry, but no – the smell I actually adore is the smell of things like this : ]
9nth day – something you do everyday
[ Take beautiful pictures of food (or things I like :) ]
10nth day – a favourite word[ I even use it in german sentences o.o]
That’s it for today! Hope you liked the post! And the pictures :)

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