part two art cologne / time to say “THANK YOU”

Now, here are the last few pictures from the art cologne convention. I didn’t post them all in the last post… I would have if I could have :D… but I only saved a few onto my laptop, whilst the rest was taken away from me .____. To my friend. Damn, even if you don’t have a USB stick left, do never lend a friend a memory card. The chance of it disappearing somewhere in the wilderness one would call her/his room is too likely. I’ve been taught a life lesson again <3

Time to learn something :) U ready class?
I LOVE this. Though it’s just a part of the whole artwork, I find this picture awesome. Great job, sis! This shall be my new wallpaper!


Looks so… chibi
 The first thoughts of mine when looking at this was: anonymity, shallow, sadness, frustration.

But damn… now I only think of one thing:




Not sure if intentionally or just by chance… How many faces do you see?


Such awesome art… damn, looking at these I can’t help but want to start painting <3 Now all that’s left for me to do is get inspired! Not like I never am, but I need to get into this “creative flow” (damn, I don’t even know what it’s called in English… which makes it sound really really weird!)

One last thing before I end this post. Well, it’s been a really hard time for me up to now.  And this won’t change at all for the time being. In moments like these I don’t want to rely on anyone and try to work it out by myself. But these past weeks I have come to realize that there are things, that can’t be accomplished alone. I can’t say how grateful I am for having friends like these. A friend is by far the best that you can gain in life (well, family is something you have from the very beginning :). That’s all I wanted to say for now~



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