To-do list “gaming” / Photoaday May day 4 to 6

Ok. So I made a list of what I will do after I am done with the finals. That was when I was supposed to learn. Well, I did, but I also took breaks :)
My list contains things like

  • Draw a painting
  • Go to the cinema
  • Go shopping in the Thier galery again
  • watch TV series [ continue “Touch” , “Breaking Bad” (a few episodes left) , “Hart of Dixie” , “The Walking Dead” (yeah, I watched this and I love it), etc. ]
  • ( .. )

and of course

  • Play several games

Soooo I bought some Wii games to keep me busy with: Guilty Gear xX Accent Core plus (damn, how I LOVE GG <3 But why do I keep on losing to my little brother .____.?? ) Mario Party 9 and – oh my gawwwd I can’t wait to play it – Xenoblade!
Oh, and I just downloaded Dragonica, an MMORPG. I didn’t start playing it yet as I was too busy with the other games, but to be honest- I hate how slowly you advance in MMORPG’s… so I don’t know for how long I will be playing this. I’ll just try it out :)

The following photos are for Photoaday May :) Hope you like them! (Also see my previous post of Photoaday!)

4th day – fun!
5th day – bird
Almost. [ Got it as a present from someone :) ]
6th day – you
Hey there, panda eyes!



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