part one art cologne / DONE WITH THE EXAMS

What a nice feeling to no longer have to write exams anymore ~ There’s still the oral exam in English waiting for me, but the 2 1/2 weeks up to that date will be very chilly and relaxed <3 I can’t wait to go to the city to get two canvasses and start painting! I don’t have any idea of what to draw but once I get into the flow, this won’t be a problem. Of course I will show you the results as soon as I’m done!

Two weeks ago my sister went to the convention “art cologne” in – guess what – Cologne. I told her to take lots of pictures for me, as I was busy with studying for the coming Maths and Physics exam … and she did a great job ( even though there might have been a restriction for this…? Nahh, whatever. ) ! I really really wanted to go there to… but damn school has priority .____.  Next time for sure!

So here are some of my favourites:

This looks so antique and all in china!

Same same but different?

This looks amazing. I was completely stunned by this. Srsly.

somehow… spooky… but I like it :)

The small figurines are moving so that their shadows also do. Which makes it look really really awesome.

Next few photos with the next post! Look forward to it!

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