Photoaday May / Lo Mai Chi

So I decided to participate in the photo challenge photoaday from fatmumslim because I want to use my cam more so that I get more experienced handling it :) I really really am an amateur in taking photos… not that I want to be professional, but at least I need to know the basics, how to frame a shot, the settings etc. Well I don’t even know the technical terms!

Here are the photos of the first three days:

1st day – peace
[ This was taken by chance. I accidently touched its screen and it focused and took some really nice pictures. Srsly- my cam is genius.
2nd day – skyline
[ view from the our kitchen window: every morning, every evening I get to see this beauty (though on this pic the I’m a bit too late .___. ) ]
3rd day – something you wore today
[ It’s the way-too-large shirt I bought days ago! Yeah, I noticed that it’s size 20 (uk size) :DD Anyway- I love the print! 

And a few days ago I finally got to know, how people make awesome animalprint nailart! So I tried it out and this is the result:

With mint green as the base colour, a darker mint green as the dots and – guess what – black for the typical leo prints. Hm… I’m not fully satisfied yet, but I will keep on practicing! Until it looks as good as the nailarts I saw! I really really love doing my nails, but on the other hand I’m also too lazy to remove it… if only I wouldn’t be, I could have different nailarts everyday *-*

Well, that’s it for today’s post, hope you liked it! But before I end it, here’s a nice food I wanted to show off to you:

Lo Mai Chi (cantonese) aka coconut glutinous riceballs with coconut-peanut-sugar filling! Damn, this is so delicious… my aunt made us four boxes with 6 pieces each <3 Ahhhh, I’m sooo in heaven!! Up until now I have eaten Lo Mai Chi so many times but hers are the very best, I swear! She told me that instead of water, she uses milk so that you don’t need to add so much sugar to the filling because it gets a more natural sweetening with the milk – so genius! These little things in life can make me so happy~


ps.: I really really wish I could blog everyday…! .___. I’ve only been complaining about just being at home and studying… but starting tomorrow all my written exams are done! So I hope that by then I will be able to blog more often :) Look forward to it <3


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