TIME-OUT / Maid meet-up / Dortmund

It’s been my first weekend “off” from school stuff these past one or two months (no jk)!! What’s especially nice : up until now the weather was really shitty… typical april weather as we say… but this weekend it was such a nice weather!
Damn and stupid me dressed like this, because I thought it wouldn’t be so warm… the effects of having been isolated are striking!

(My first time doing piggy tails – success? Erm… anyway, did them especially for the shooting :)

Well, the sun was shining so brightly, it was hot, little bit of wind (which really should have been more) and I got to see lots of friends plus I met some new ones <3
All from the maid café I work in (not all-time but only once in a while for conventions), really really nice and cute and beautiful people, I swear. Especially cute!

By now I really do think that our maid café is the best non-japan one :) Well, at least the best in Europe… at the very least the best in Germany!

So I made lots n lots of photos today while we had a shooting for the profile pictures of our homepage. It took us so long but it was kind of funny I guess :) I’ll add a link to our homepage below,

so why not visit our website and read more about our café? There will be a new post about the shooting coming soon!
This delicious Schwarzwälder cherrycake… is not selfmade but bought from the freezer of a supermarket! Damn, but it looks really really good! And also tastes good!
That’s the opinion of someone who never actually ate a real selfmade Schwarzwälder cherrycake .____.
Oh noeees… a bit wiggled… but still looking good- with Lihn, Aimi, Junmei, Vivi and me :) The Asianfront!!

After the seminar we had to say goodbye to each other again… but I went to eat something with Jessica and Momo in Dortmund at new shopping centre called “Thier Galerie” – I have never been there before so they kind of showed me around.

At the food mall we decided to eat fried noodles, each from another shop, so that we could compare, which is best. I actually took some photos, even though it’s really nothing special but plain fried noodles in a paper box… I know… but I don’t care, so look here :D!

I like the paper box with the metal strap, just like a little bucket, it’s handier to take with you! But the noodles were really moist/wet… ThaiCurryDheli’s noodles were to dry… so go get the best noodles only at Mr. Phung!! (See how they put in a much bigger portion into the box! )  
Damn, why so random?!

After that we went into some shops and I bought a new top :

Again I couldn’t help but buy a new top, it’s the very first cloth with over a hundred rivets.
But I like it, because they are not that sparkling and kind of dark, I like it <3
Plus it makes me look slim…!

Before I end this post- some more random picture! 



4 thoughts on “TIME-OUT / Maid meet-up / Dortmund

  1. Hi there :) re: the photoadayMay challenge – you can visit fatmumslim.com.au for more details. You don’t need to sign up to do it – you can just start doing the list – like the one I have and upload them via any social media – facebook, wordpress, blog, tumblr, instagram – Thats the one I like to use and then put the hashtag #photoadayMay so other people can see your photos :)

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