New shoes / Paolo Nutini / What’s online shopping there for?

I really really survived up until now… oh my gaaaawwwd, it’s like I will never ever EVER in my whole entire life have to write physics again! YESSHHHH!! Well, because the subject I want to study needs a little maths, I can’t say the same for maths.. but really- the maths exam was so damn easy! I told you already, that I only started learning for it two days before. And THAT was more than just enough!
Physics was a little more of a hell, a huge little bit to be honest. Anyway, I rocked both, now I’m just hoping that I don’t have to go to an oral exam in these subjects, that’s the case if I were to have done much better or much worse than my preevaluation marks. Hell no ._____.
Now what’s left is the history exam and the oral exam for english. That will be okay… I hope.

I am really really urging to go shopping, but I can’t because I’m trapped in here :D Damn, but I don’t give a fuck! What’s online shopping there for? So I bought some shoes and, well, I want to show you what I got :) Ahhh, so happy about spending money- for such nice pieces of clothes that is <3

I’ve been watching these shoes for quite some time now and yesterday I decided to buy them at last~ Soooo in love with them <3 They look so comfortable besides having at least 8cm height! I love these laced up, wedge shoes!

The next pair of shoes I bought yesterday are these :

Damn, aren’t they sooo cute?? And also really high :D! I don’t think I’ll get to wear them as often as the ones above, but it won’t harm buying these! Ahhh, I’m so happy now! Finished with the two most difficult exams, two left, bought two pairs of shoes… this is heaven, I swear!

Before I finish this post I want to show you yet another great music artist. But caution, he is soo cute! Paulo Nutini, maybe some of you already know him. He is quite well know I think :) BUT THING IS- his voice is so sexy! It’s my sister who introduced me to his music and by that time she was already head over heels in love. And while dreaming of my shoes, I can’t help but think of this great song of his, so check it out :



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