Let me try / You Can’t Kill Rock’n’Roll

Tomorrow I will write my very last maths exam ( it’s my advanced course/ “LK”) and HELL YEAH- I just started learning for it yesterday :D!! Not because I’m a maths genius but because I quite sure that it will not be as difficult as the physics exam which is two days right after maths (also advanced and yeah, maybe I was crazy choosing these subjects as advanced courses?).
But I didn’t intend to complain at this point… well, maybe a little bit… anyway- since I haven’t been able to go outside these days and take photos or report anything of interest to you ;-; … I wanted to show you guys another great artist, well this time it’s a band :)

Sugarplum Fairy – they are a pop-rock band from Sweden and I would say they sound a bit like Mando Diao mixed with a bit of The Kooks… added with a lot of Oasis! (That’s le me describing music)

Anyway- I have known their music for quite some time now. But there is one song that will always stay in my favourites list: “Let me try” . Try listen to it, I bet you will LOVE it :)

Attention! Because we all love how more and more youtube videos are removed because of copyrights, I couldn’t find any good video, which also had good sound quality. The one below has a great sound quality but if you want to actually see the real video, google for it and you will find it wherever :) If I could I would have embedded a video from another source, but somehow… I failed at doing so :D!

The next song I want to introduce to you by them is a newer one called “You Can’t Kill Rock’n’Roll” , different but also a really great song :)

Here is their official website – listen to other (newer) songs there! I think that they have become even more great by the years!



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