the dog days are over

Since I’m in my last year in highschool (in german that’s the Oberstufe :P) and finals are coming next week, I’ve been sitting in my tiny room on my oh-so-comfortable chair, which used to be from our restaurant, and have been doing nothing less but studying like a total freak… even though something really not nice happened two weeks ago… I still have to keep on working. It’s really hard sometimes, but while I listen to music, everything around me disappears and I can fully concentrate on learning (for instance). Music is so important to me… I may not know much about it, but it definitely influences and – of course – motivates me to keep on fighting.

One of my current favourite songs is “Dog days are over” from Florence + The Machines . I really really love her songs, they are all so inspiring and relaxing~

Before I will end this post, I really really want to show you guys a really really great song :D “Between the sheets” (or “Leave the lights on”) from Meiko. I found it somewhere on the web and I instantly was flashed by this song <3 Nooo… don’t expect any awesome sounds here- it’s sounds really calm and well… kinda sad :x Anyway- give it a try!

(I like her singing live and acustic more than the original version… BUT all the live recordings are kinda bad quality…)

– jen


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