Back in Hong Kong ! / 3 weeks in Hong Kong – part 1 : Leisure in Macao + new hairstyle ( day 1 – 4 )

Hey everyone ~
I’ve got a HAPPY announcement to make !

Finally after more than 2 years . . .I AM BACK IN HONG KONG <3

After finishing the last projects and even the big 5th semester project I was really looking forward to this ~

I took the flight to Hong Kong via Düsseldorf International Airport with a stop at London Heathrow Airport .

I love taking the Cathay Pacific airline – the service and the food is always really nice !

Everyone gets to have their own entertainment system in front of you , where you can choose what to watch or even play some mini games .

Awesome isn’t it ?

The food was quite nice haha :D But I really didn’t feel like eating . . . because I wanted to keep on watching movies haha ~ I watched until I fell asleep haha ~

Anyway – I actually posted some photos on Instagram to share with you instantly – so make sure to follow me there to keep being updated more quickly than via blogposts ! My internet connection is reeeeeeeeally really slow . . . but it’s good enough to upload some photos at least x.x Sorry for not being able to spam a whole load of foodporn etc. ! ! ! Hehe ~

On the first day in HK I went to a typical residential seafood restaurant .

Yu can actually see and choose your food before eating it here ~

Yummy ! And soooo fresh !

Eating seafood this way is the very best !

On the second day we went to Yuen Long to get our hair cut !

The outcome :

I like my hair when I wear it like this . . . but if I leave my hair down I feel like they cut it too short . . . or I just don’t feel like it’s looking good . . . not the way I wanted it to look . Yup , I’m not too satisfied , but that may just be me and my standards haha ~

I actually really miss my long long hair . . .

But it won’t take too long for it to grow back, srsly !

The third day we visited Macao ~

Macao is like another world really . . . everything is so fancy and luxurious !

The food is always yummy , service is splendid . . .

and everything is extremely artificial . . . lol

Some Macao snacks !
On the fourth day we went to a spa in the evening ~

Not my first time hehe – it certainly was the best so far !

I can only recommend it to everyone !

Bodhi Spa at the Conrad Hotel in Macao hehe ~

I hope to show you more of HK itself in my next post !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

review : Etude House Blending Sleeping Cream spoons ~ / back to busy(ness) !

Hello everyone ~
It’s been about a month or even more since I last blogged ? ?
I am soon sorry but I have been far more busy than I have expected . . . otherwise I would have written some posts before I went MIA >____< ! !
I got the opportunity from
to review the
 Blending Sleeping Creams  
from Etude House !
First of all I must say that I absolutely LOVE Etude House .
Their products never disappoint me and the packaging is always so lovely !
Whaaaa ~ !
TOKKIHAUS actually sent me 5 different creams :
Rosehip + Shea Butter + Blueberry + Seaweed + Olive = <3
I had to choose wisely which one I should try out first . . . They are all good moisturizing the skin but additionally to that they can even brighten up the skin ( Rosehip ) , are nourishing ( Shea Butter ) , have antioxidants ( Blueberry ) or smoothen up the skin ( Seaweed ) . . . not sure if it works – I guess I’ll have to try that ;D !
In order to make a good comparison I gave the OLIVE a try first . It’s supposed to “richly moisturize” my skin – more than the others . . . possible ? XD
Let’s take a closer look at the packaging of the cream :
SRSLY . . .
Who came up with this cute packaging ?
Once you peeled of the foil you can separate the bottom part with the cream from the top part , which you should use to blend the cream .
 I have NEVER seen anything like this before ! 
Veeeery interesting indeed haha ~ So you’re supposed to mix the cream colored cream with the gel cream with the stick . . .
The cream smells – typical to Etude House products – really decent and nice ~
This Olive Sleeping Blending Cream smells similar to the moisturizer I’ve been using for my hands ever since I was a kid ~
Not sure which brand it was , but this really reminds me of it .
Sooo – I took the photos a day before and applied the cream before going to sleep .
Yup – you’re supposed to leave it on like a very thick moisturizer or a mask . . . I had a little problem with it because I never lay still while sleeping . . . I am used to rolling / moving around XD
NOT SURE . . . if my sleeping habit removed the cream or it just simply dried overnight x.x
I will have to try with other creams XD . . .
But the result is still great :
My skin seems smoother and softer . . . really enriched with moisture ~
My skin is usually a mixed type but nevertheless I experienced quite a difference compared to my skin when not using this cream but simply moisturizer ( I usually use Oil of Olaz for normal skin ) .
Sooo – to finish of my review of the cream . . .
Here is the rating :
  ( 5 / 5 )
+ + really good moisturizer
+ lovely scent
+ cute and innovative packaging
+ single usage packs ( but the amount could last for 2-3 usages )
+ variety
I guess that the spoons would even make a great gift idea for any female friend who likes masks / is interested in beauty products - it’s really really ONE OF A KIND !
Thank you for reading my review – I hope you liked it :)
And thank you for the lovely package , TOKKIHAUS !
They even sent me this cute card as a thank you >_____<
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Dear Pat ! | my very own UNICORN – DIY tokidoki | Pastel Pink Pusheen ~

Dear lovelies ~
I’ve been gifted some years ago with something great . . .
a very dear friend – Pat !
Though we may not have much contact with each other because of the time delay and because of me being such a busy person ( s o r r y . . . ) but I think it’s always great to write or talk with him once in a while !
I hope to be able to meet you in real life in the future so you can show me around in America !
We have a tradition of sending each other a package for christmas each year and this time I wanted to show you what he got me ~
I already mentioned a UNICORN . . . in the title . . . and yes . . . I am now able create my very own UNICORN with this lovely
DIY Unicorn set from tokidoki 
Tehe . .  I guess I can’t wait to paint it <3
Actually the first thing I saw was 
I was like . . . oh god XD
But then it turned out to be
an uber cute yet a bit weird pink Pusheen
And then I took my other Pusheen in original grey tone to compare :
Some deformation happened when transforming to pastel-pink I guess XD ? Nevertheless it’s really lovable ~
I also received these japanese gummy candy and omg . . .
It might be the most strawberry-ish thing I have eaten or smelled in my life so far !
Still tasty ! I thought it would taste really artificial , but it’s just as yummy as the smell ( at least to me haha ~ ) !
Not sure if Pat knew of my glitter-phobia or not . . .
If only it wouldn’t sparkle that much
And this lovely Micky Christmas card ~
I always receive the most beautiful cards from Pat . . . it’s such a shame I never get to show them off . . . so I decided to show them to you <3
Thanks for everything , Pat , and for the presents ~
I hope you also liked my presents !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

Happy New Year / Welcoming 2015 ~

Hello everyone <3

I wish you all the very best in 2015, may it be even brighter and lovelier than the years before !


Love you all and I really hope to see more of you on my blog~
For those who still don’t know – I have moved back to ( )
I will keep on updating here on wordpress too for the next weeks :) So this was actually not the last post here <3

! Announcement ! / Switching back to ! / my christmas summary

- announcement -
blog switch to
- see more at the bottom of this blogpost :) -
I hope everyone is having a wonderful warm and cozy merry christmas time <3
The last weeks have been as busy as always and I got into christmassy mood quite late . . . still I didn’t forget to get all the presents for my friends and family !
Hoot hooot ~ ! Filled with lots of sweets and stuff !
At this point I must thank amazon soooooooo much for getting presents to me in time ! I must say, your service is a lifesaver for sure ! Haha <3
Two of my best friends and me reunited to have a christmas celebration before the actual christmas arrives and we even had a huge christmas tree ! My last christmas tree was kind of a modern interpretation and it looked really skinny and white and . . . without any love :P
Well , anyway – I prepared these two gift surprises for my friends hehe ~
Right now I am in Belgium !
But I didn’t to wish you all a Merry Christmas :3
Of course I also want to brag about all the awesome food I got to eat once again haha ~
Some cake for christmas teatime ~
Tasty pot of curry with orza and . . . deer .I didn’t eat any of that though :P
I don’t really like Antipasti . . . but it did look yummy :x
My mum made a whole lot of freshly fried Vietnamese Springrolls <3The very best !
This was royally tasty !It’s similar to Teriyaki chicken but with some spices added like cinnamon and star anise !
Another salad haha ~ At least I ate those cute cherry tomatoes ~
This may look like a soufflé but it’s a pretty plain tasty potatoes au gratin . . . with mashed potatoes !
We also visited Liège aka Lüttich
because I have never been there but sadly we didn’t get to take a look at the central station . . .
Pretty cheap food ! You had to wait 10 minutes at least for some freshly warmed up Belgium Waffles  !
I guess this will be the last post of 2014 ~
And I have an important announcement to make . . . 
I’m gonna switch back to soon ! So this might as well be the very last post . . . 

After 1 1/2 years with wordpress I’ll leave it again , I’m sorry . . .
But please make sure to follow me again ! My old blog will be updated very soon !
Here’s the link :
I hope you all keep on following me to the next year and beyond hehe ~
I’m gonna make good use of the softbox I got and make some more reviews :)
Have some lovely last days in 2014 and warmly welcome 2015 !!
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~